GTV Lighting


32 mm


295 mm

Illuminant included


Beam angle



230 V


40 W

Luminous flux - lumen

4000 lm

Light color

Neutral white

Color temperature

4000 K

Color rendering index Ra




Useful life in hrs.

40000 h


11195 mm


50 Hz / 60 Hz

IP protection class

IP 44

IK Protection class

IK 08


1800 g

19,37 €
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Product description G-Tech LED panel BIZAR, 40W, 1195x295x32mm - neutral white (4000K)

Brilliant lighting with G-Tech LED Panel BIZAR - Perfect for precise applications

The G-Tech LED panel BIZAR with the dimensions 120x30 cm sets new standards in terms of lighting efficiency and precision. This state-of-the-art 40W panel not only offers bright and uniform light, but also a robust construction that provides protection against dust and moisture.

Outstanding features:

  • Model: LED Panel BIZAR
  • Power: 40W, with an impressive brightness of 4000lm
  • Color temperature: Neutral white (4000K) for true-to-life color rendering
  • Voltage: AC220-240V, for easy integration into the mains supply
  • Beam angle: 120° for wide and even light distribution

Efficient lighting:

  • Luminous efficacy: 100 lm/W, for high brightness with low energy consumption
  • Service life: Impressive 40,000 hours, a long-term investment

Robust construction:

  • IP44 protection rating: protection against dust and moisture, ideal for demanding environments
  • IK08: High impact resistance, for added durability

Areas of application:

  • Offices: Perfect color reproduction for precise work
  • Art studios: Faithful representation of colors
  • Stores: Bright and inviting light
  • Workplaces: Maximum light output with low energy consumption

Please note that this panel does not work with dimmers.

The G-Tech BIZAR LED panel is the ideal choice for anyone looking for bright and precise lighting. Whether you work in an office, an art studio or a store, this panel offers you the optimal lighting solution. Invest in quality and efficiency that will serve you faithfully for many years. The recommended minimum distance of 1 meter ensures the optimal light diffusion and maximum performance of this impressive panel.

G-Tech LED panel BIZAR, 40W, 595x595x32mm - neutral white (4000K)

G-Tech LED panel BIZAR, 40W, 595x595x32mm - neutral white (4000K)
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