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Hanging lights

Hanging lamps are elegant lighting options that are often hung above dining tables or in living areas. They create an individual atmosphere, as they can be mounted at different heights.

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The pendant lamp is a changeable decorative element in interiors. It reflects the current style, creates visual accents and performs practical functions. Modern interior lights often have a purist design, but there are also models in retro style and other imaginative designs to meet the taste of any design lover.

Pendant lights are useful as interior lighting fixtures in a variety of settings, especially in rooms with high ceilings or where a central light source is required. They can be used as the main source of lighting or as supplemental lighting to highlight specific areas or create a pleasant atmosphere. For example, pendant lights can be useful in living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, hallways, entryways, bedrooms and bathrooms.

How high should pendant lights hang?

The height at which a pendant light is placed depends on several factors, including the size of the room, the height of the ceiling, the size and design of the fixture, and the intended use. As a general recommendation:

  • For rooms with standard ceiling heights between 2.40 and 2.70 meters, the bottom edge of the light fixture should hang about 60 to 80 centimeters below the ceiling.
  • In high rooms with ceilings over 2.70 meters, the pendant light can be mounted higher to balance the proportions of the room.
  • For use as dining table lighting, the bottom edge of the fixture should hang about 70 to 90 centimeters above the table.
  • For use as a reading lamp or task lighting, the bottom edge of the fixture should be at about eye level or slightly below.

However, it is important to note that these guidelines are for reference only and each room and application may require individual evaluation.

Height adjustability:

The ability to adjust the height of pendant fixtures provides flexibility in how the light falls, allowing the beam to be focused or distributed as needed. It's a valuable feature that allows you to adjust and customize the light in a room to illuminate or highlight specific areas.

A long cable is an important requirement for the height adjustability of pendant lights. It allows you to adjust the height of the fixture to achieve the desired light level. The excess cable can be hidden behind a cover to ensure a neat and tidy appearance.

Height adjustable pendant lights offer both the possibility of detailed lighting, as well as efficient basic lighting. This makes them very versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether the goal is to illuminate a specific work surface or area in the room, or if general lighting for the entire room is desired, it all depends on the user's needs and preferences.

Use of pendant lighting:

In bedrooms, a pendant light above the bed can create a cozy atmosphere, while in bathrooms, the use of damp-proof pendant lights provides adequate lighting.

Another place to use pendant lights is in hallways, galleries, or shopping malls to provide adequate general lighting. They can also be used for accent lighting in museums, galleries or art exhibitions.

In high spaces, such as loft apartments or entryways with high ceilings, pendant lights can act as aesthetic highlights. They contribute to the enhancement of the room and draw the eye upwards with their presence. Larger models can also be chosen to create an impressive effect.

In interiors, pendant lights can serve as markers for social gathering places such as couch and dining areas, helping to create atmosphere.

Pendant lights can be used as decorative elements to complement the look of a room. Not only do they add light, but they also add a visual touch that can round out and support the overall look.

Dimmable pendant lights:

Dimmable lighting fixtures offer the flexibility to adjust the light to suit your needs. Whether you need concentrated work lighting or want to create a cozy living atmosphere, dimming the pendant light allows you to adjust the light to suit. This not only improves the indoor environment, but also helps to save energy.

Color adjustable:

This provides an opportunity to easily change and adjust the atmosphere of the room. So, you can create a cozy atmosphere for a meal or a focused work environment by just adjusting the color and intensity of the light.

Spoilt for choice:

Modern pendant lights often feature LED bulbs, which offer good energy efficiency and long-lasting durability. LED bulbs offer flexible options, such as the ability to dim the brightness or control the color of the light, and do not heat up. In most cases, LED bulbs are permanently installed in the pendant light to ensure the best fit. However, for special effects, some manufacturers allow you to choose special LED lamps for the pendant lamp.

Thus, the choice of the right pendant lamp contributes significantly to the creation of a cozy and appealing atmosphere. With dimmable and color-adjustable LED pendant lamps, you have the additional ability to flexibly adjust the room climate and its mood.