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Rope system lamps

Rope system lamps are flexible and modern lighting solutions, where several luminaires can be attached to a rope and individually aligned. Ideal for large rooms and as accent lighting.

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Design rope systems

Light rope systems are a modern and flexible solution for indoor and outdoor lighting. They consist of a light rope to which luminaires or spots can be attached in order to target the light. The luminaires can be moved along the light rope to adjust the lighting to current needs at any time.

Wall-to-wall light accents are a way to visually enhance rooms and provide pleasant lighting. For this purpose, various luminaires or spotlights can be used, which are specifically placed on walls or corners to highlight certain areas or pieces of furniture. Such a lighting solution offers many design options and can help create a comfortable and pleasant indoor environment.

Our LED rope systems offer a flexible solution for lighting rooms with special requirements such as sloping roofs, winding hallways or conservatories. Their elegant design, good light and high energy efficiency make them ideal for creating different room situations. The systems can be easily adapted to optimally illuminate any dark corner of an apartment. For longer rope lengths, the use of intermediate suspensions is recommended to ensure stability. Low voltage ropes are safe and can be touched without danger.

In rope systems, which are usually powered by 12V technology, the lights are supplied by two current-carrying copper ropes stretched in parallel. These ropes also serve as a support for the spots. With this system, you can easily and conveniently adjust the lighting to create an appropriate brightness or mood in the living space. Rope systems offer a lot of flexibility when there is only one power outlet in the ceiling, as they allow you to easily place the spot or pendant lights where they are needed. It is also possible to dim halogen light in high or low voltage.

Optimal solutions with wire systems

These consist of a track mount and luminaires that can be easily attached to this track. By using two power lines stretched in parallel, the luminaires are supplied with power. This type of lighting allows for a flexible and variable arrangement of light sources, which is especially advantageous for rooms with an unfavorable power supply. It is also possible to use LED or halogen lights, which can be conveniently dimmed. Thus, classic cable systems offer a versatile and flexible solution for lighting in living spaces.

There are a variety of different systems to suit different tastes and applications, from directional light for individual object lighting to soft light distribution for uniform ambient lighting.

Choosing the right light rope system depends on various factors, such as the interior design style, spatial conditions and personal preferences in terms of lighting mood and functionality. It is advisable to consider the various options in terms of material, design, illuminant and light color before making a purchase in order to find the right system for individual needs.