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Ceiling lamps

They are an effective way to evenly light a room and can be adjusted by dimmers or different light colors to change the mood.

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Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights are a versatile lighting solution for interiors. They contribute to a pleasant atmosphere and have an impact on health and well-being. When using interior ceiling lights, it is important to choose a suitable lighting concept. Leuchtstark offers a selection of models that will suit any building.

Interior ceiling lights are excellent for large-scale basic lighting of all rooms and form the basis of any lighting system. They are available in many different designs, types of luminaires and with technical options to adjust the light to individual needs.

The assortment of Leuchtstark offers various models and designs of ceiling lights, including dimmable lights, lights with motion detectors and lights with color changing function.

LED lights:

LED lights are an energy-saving and long-lasting alternative to traditional light bulbs. They offer higher efficiency and a longer lifespan. It is recommended to go for LED lights to save money and energy consumption.

Recessed ceiling lights:

Recessed ceiling lights can be used in a variety of ways, often as the main source of light in a room, but also work well as a supplement to other lights. Dimmable models are ideal for this purpose.

Surface-mounted ceiling luminaires:

Surface ceiling luminaires are fixtures that are mounted upright on the ceiling and can be used as the main or supplemental light source. Surface mounted ceiling luminaires allow for practical room arrangement. Varied models offer versatile use. Visually, they resemble recessed ceiling lights, but easier to install, without a required recess in the ceiling. Leuchtstark offers a wide selection of surface ceiling lights, including round and square models. LED ceiling lights for indoor and outdoor use are also available.

Spots and ceiling spotlights:

We also offers spotlights or ceiling spotlights for your lighting needs. The ceiling spotlights from Leuchtstark usually feature a swivel joint that allows for flexible lighting orientation, allowing you to customize your lighting design.

Finding your right lighting for any room:

Choosing the right lighting depends on a number of factors, including the size, intended use and decorating style of the room. Here are some recommendations:

  • Living room: use a combination of general lighting (ceiling light) and additional accent lighting (floor or table lamps).
  • Kitchen: install lights above the cooking area and countertops for adequate lighting when cooking.
  • Bedroom: use warm, soft lighting for a calming atmosphere.
  • Bathroom: use damp-proof fixtures near the sink and a suspended fixture over the bathtub or shower.
  • Office: use bright, direct lighting for desks and cozier lighting for relaxation areas.

It's important to match the lighting level and color to the needs of each room.

What should you look for when buying a ceiling light:

  1. Size and shape: Check to see if the ceiling light will fit in your room and if the shape matches the decor.
  2. Illuminance: choose the right number of lumens, depending on the size of the room and the desired brightness.
  3. Energy efficiency: use energy-saving bulbs to save on electricity costs.
  4. Installation: check if you can install the ceiling light yourself or if a professional is needed.
  5. Style: choose a ceiling light that matches your interior style.

Variety of uses for ceiling lights:

Indoor ceiling lights with multiple uses, such as general room lighting, accent lighting for furniture or artwork, task lighting, or hallway and stairway lighting.

As offer interior ceiling lights are versatile and adapt to different architectural styles and interiors. They are suitable as a source of lighting in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and children's rooms, helping to create a pleasant atmosphere.

A wide range of modern and aesthetic ceiling lights with safe technology for your current projects. We also sell other lights for indoor and outdoor use, such as pendant lights, floor lamps, wall lights, etc. If you have any questions or need individual advice, we will be happy to help you.