SYS-PRO Series

SYS-PRO: The holistic LED lighting and control system for individual lighting solutions in your home or office. Discover the endless possibilities!

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SYS-PRO - Integrated LED lighting and control system

The 2.4GHz radio wave network of the Sys-Pro components basically reaches up to 30 meters under optimal conditions. However, to ensure optimal reception of control commands, the following points should be observed:

Do not place radio receivers in corners or angles! The freer and more open the environment, the better the reception.

Do not place radio receivers in the immediate vicinity of transformers or other live cables, as their electromagnetic radiation during operation can significantly interfere with reception.

If radio transmitters or wall remote controls are placed in recessed boxes, neither the recessed box nor the button of the switch program should be made of metal and - in the case of cavity walls - the installation location should not be directly or in the immediate vicinity of a metal drywall profile brace.

If faults occur in connection with battery-operated remote controls, please check the charge status of the button cell and replace it in good time.

A functioning mesh network, i.e. the forwarding of the incoming radio control signal from one receiver to the next can in principle only be guaranteed between one and the same receivers.

Basically all Sys-Pro PWM dimmers work with a flicker-free frequency of 500Hz. If the upstream transformer starts to "buzz" during dimming (due to the coils and chokes built into the transformer), it is recommended to select a multi-PWM dimmer (part no. 114433, 114434) where the operating frequency can be set to a level that does not cause any interference (250Hz, 500Hz, 2kHz or 8kHz).