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Rail system lamps

Track systems are practical for large spaces and targeted lighting. There are various designs and sizes, from minimalist to decorative, with appealing aesthetics.

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Rail systems can be used in a variety of ways

Rail systems for lighting are electrical systems used to mount and move luminaires and other light sources on a rail. These systems make it possible to customize and control the light. As a rule, track systems for lighting consist of a rail to which various luminaire and light modules can be connected.

1-phase busbars

1-phase busbars are electrical systems used to transfer current and power from a source to a load. These systems are commonly used in lighting applications and can be used for easy and flexible installation of luminaires and other light sources. Power is transferred via a single-phase power supply, which allows for easy wiring. Leuchtstark offers a wide range of 1-phase busbars suitable for different requirements in terms of performance and design.

Flexibility is an important factor in lighting technology. Users want systems that allow them to easily combine different luminaires and spotlights and change their positions at any time. In response to this requirement, SLV offers modern track systems that allow flexible and easy installation. With our 1-circuit tracks, different spotlights can be attached to achieve the desired lighting arrangement. Discover our range of 1 phase power track now and find out about the many possibilities of modern lighting systems.

How does the 1-phase track work?

Power track systems work on a simple principle. The track serves both as a support for the luminaires and as a transmission channel for the electric current. Several different luminaires can be mounted on a power rail to create a flexible lighting system. By combining different luminaires and allowing their positions to be changed at any time, the light can be optimally adjusted to meet specific needs.

Power track systems can be divided into three categories: 3-phase, 2-phase and 1-phase systems. The number of phases always corresponds to the number of circuits running within the system. Thus, a 3-phase system has three independent circuits, each with its own switches for operation. A 1-phase system, on the other hand, is controlled by a single switch. Depending on requirements and needs, the appropriate track system can be selected to create an efficient and flexible lighting solution.

1-phase tracks are characterized by easy installation. The pre-drilled rails can be mounted directly to the ceiling or wall. To fit specific dimensions, they are available in different lengths and can be shortened to the required dimension with a conventional saw, if necessary. These features make the 1-phase systems a practical and user-friendly choice for a flexible and customizable lighting solution.

Leuchtstark offers two types of track in our product line: surface-mounted and recessed versions. For spaces with high ceilings or to adjust the angle of light incidence, surface-mounted tracks can also be conveniently suspended. This flexibility makes it easy to adapt the lighting system to individual needs.

Since 1-phase high-voltage tracks connect directly to the mains, there is no need to use additional transformers or drivers to mount multiple luminaires on the track. This flexibility provides the ability to customize the lighting system to meet individual needs.

With the 1-phase track systems from us, you can implement customizable lighting in a simple and cost-effective way. The rail itself simultaneously serves as a support for the lights and carries the current, eliminating the need for additional components. All the lights on the rail are controlled by a single circuit and can be operated by a single switch. Installation is also simple and can be done without any special prior knowledge. See for yourself and discover our comprehensive range of Leuchtstark 1-circuit track systems.

Our 1-phase track systems from us are of high quality, both in terms of the materials used and the technology. The tracks are available in black, white and silver-grey and their ease of use allows professionals to install them in just a few steps.