Work clothes

Workwear is specially developed clothing that is designed for safety, comfort and functionality in professional activities. It protects against job-specific hazards and supports a professional appearance.

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Högert Workwear

Högert Workwear

Diverse categories for safety and comfort

Workwear plays a crucial role in many professions, not only to ensure the safety of the wearer, but also to provide comfort and functionality during working hours. The different categories of workwear offer solutions for different requirements and working environments. Some important categories of workwear are presented below.

Protective clothing: This category includes garments that are specifically designed to protect the wearer from specific hazards in the workplace. These include, for example, heat-resistant suits, chemical-resistant overalls and electrically insulating clothing. Protective clothing must meet strict safety standards and is often made from special materials.

Shorts: Ideal for warm working environments or for jobs that require flexibility and freedom of movement. These pants are often robust, but at the same time offer sufficient air circulation to keep the wearer cool.

Dungarees: Very popular in the construction industry and for manual work. Dungarees offer extra protection for the upper body and often have numerous pockets for tools. The design also helps to prevent the trousers from slipping down.

Protective trousers: Designed to provide extra protection for the lower extremities, for example from cuts caused by sharp objects, heat or chemicals. Protective pants are often made of reinforced material.

Protectivejacket: Similar to protective trousers, the protective jacket serves to protect the upper body. It can have additional functions such as fire resistance or waterproofness, depending on the specific risks of the workplace.

Safety trousers 3/4: This type of trouser provides protection without having the full length of normal trousers, making them ideal for partially warm climates where some protection is still required.

Sweat jacket: Provides comfort and warmth on colder days without restricting freedom of movement. Ideal for use both inside and outside enclosed spaces.

Leg protection: Especially for jobs where the legs are exposed to great danger, such as when handling chainsaws in forestry. Leg protection clothing is often part of a more comprehensive protective suit.

Vest: Work vests are available in various forms, from simple, robust vests for additional body protection to special designs with built-in pockets for tools or even cooling properties.

High visibility clothing: This category includes high visibility garments worn in environments where high visibility is vital, such as construction sites or road works. High visibility clothing follows specific standards for color and reflectivity.

Choosing the right workwear is crucial to ensure safety, efficiency and comfort in the workplace. Each category serves specific requirements and risks, which is why it is important to adapt workwear to the respective working conditions.