The right lighting effect is the result of a perfect interaction of luminaire and illuminant. In addition to the design, energy efficiency is also an important criterion.

Let there be light - illuminants for your business with us at a fair price

In the past, the term illuminant was understood to mean a simple bulb that you screw in and then get light. Today, this field, the field of innovative lighting technologies, as the name suggests, is much more differentiated, especially for commercial use. There are suitable lamps or illuminants for every lighting task. Thanks to the most modern light source technologies, there are luminaires in a wide variety of designs which are suitable for different uses and applications. Various technologies are used for the production of illuminants. For the implementation of any lighting system project, whether for the lighting of a doctor's office, a library or a hotel, you need the right illuminants to make the most of the system and / or the lights and spotlights mounted there. The illumination of business premises and products has an influence on many factors. One of these factors can be, for example, customer behavior or buying behavior in sales premises and stores. Products that are specifically illuminated sell better than those that are in the shade. The color of light, the brightness of a lamp or spotlight and, of course, the energy consumption or power consumption are directly influenced by the choice of illuminant. In order to provide you with the widest possible selection of illuminants, this is one of the largest and most comprehensive categories here in the store. Our lighting experts are constantly in touch with the market, visit trade fairs and presentations and search modern media, such as the Internet, to always provide you with the latest innovations in modern lighting.

Innovative illuminants in our store

The illuminants here in the store are, for the overview and simplicity, divided into different subgroups. These subgroups describe, so that you can quickly find your way around, namely the purpose of the illuminants. These include the categories of infrared and medical lamps, gas discharge lamps, energy saving lamps, halogen lamps, LED lamps, BARO goods lighting, SMART HOME lighting, compact fluorescent lamps, fluorescent tubes, insect traps, special lamps. All important areas of application are represented as mentioned above, in the form of a separate section. A category with accessories may not be missing of course and is therefore also present. There you will find various adapters, sockets as well as sockets complete with connecting cable.

The right choice of illuminant is crucial for your project

With the right choice of illuminants stands and falls every lighting project, whether it is commercial for the illumination of products, in a store, or for private use at home. Any installation, no matter how technically sophisticated, will not achieve its goal if the wrong bulbs are used. Take the necessary time to select the best bulbs for your project. Do you want to use illuminants only from certain manufacturers? You can also sort the assortment by manufacturer if you wish. We have all reputable and well-known lighting manufacturers represented in the store. All our illuminants comply with current safety regulations, environmental protection guidelines and standards. The environmental compatibility of our products is an important concern for us, and always plays a role when we add new products to our range. The environment should never be neglected.

Is this much too complicated for you? Our service team will of course help you

Simply call us, on working days, under telephone: +49 (0)2822-9148740. Our service staff, trained in this field, will answer your questions and help you choose the right illuminant for your project. Our experts will recommend the best light sources for your project based on your desired light color, atmosphere and brightness, and all the effects you want to achieve. Benefit from our experience and competence, an initial consultation is always free of charge. We are glad to be able to help you, we look forward to you.